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Our media experts are available to speak on a variety of health related stories.

Below are some of the topics we are working on.  Looking for something else / specific?
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What’s hot this month:


Other Stories:

  • 50% of Heart Disease is Caused By Gum Disease… and Can Be Prevented!
  • What Your Kiss Says About Your Inner Health
  • Is Your Breath Killing Your Romance?
  • Predicting Heart Attack or Stroke – The answer may be found by your dentist
  • Sleep Awareness – You might be surprised to learn that your Dentist can help you deal with Sleep Apnea
  • Snoring … Not as funny as you might think. – Here are some solutions


  • April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month – What You Don’t Know Could Kill You
  • Oral Cancer Doesn’t Just Effect Smokers
  • Spring Cleaning… Better Put Your Mouth on the List
  • Spring Cleaning… What Your Oral Bacteria Might Be Telling You



  • Local Dentist Brushes Their Teeth With Sugar… Really!  (And it won’t hurt you!)
  • How Much Sugar Do You Eat In A Year?
  • Do You Sip Drinks All Day?  Your Mouth May Not Be PH Balanced